🤝 Shared Resources

Shared bibliography

We now have a shared Zotero library that you can use to easily find recommended readings and papers associated to conference presentations! It’s available at https://www.zotero.org/groups/4410521/health_psychology_library, and it has a number of collections (‘folders’) set already with literature about Open Science, measurement, determinants, and other topics.

Non-work recommendations

To add recommendations, you can use this Google Spreadsheet.

Type: Book

  • The Luminaries (Eleanor Catton) (Although it won the Booker Prize, it’s actually a great read) recommended by James Green at EHPS2022

  • In a Fishbone Church; Golden Deeds (Catherine Chidgey) recommended by James Green at EHPS2022

  • Hearts and Bones recommended by James Green at EHPS2023

Type: Series

Type: Movie